Yours, Mine, Ours: Participatory (2023, ongoing)

Collection of photographed works by anonymous participants
Assemblage of crochet pieces
Dimensions variable

What do we make of what some-one or -thing else has made?

This collection of photographs examines the interpersonal, transhuman processes behind the preservation and decay of memory in an asynchronous, participatory piece. Themes of inquiry include memory, legacy, social de/construction, attachment and play.

Through a separate arts-based research for my postgraduate thesis, I have produced a collection of textile pieces or nature-based objects. Most times, these were made in contemplation of intersubjective interactions, decay and legacies. These pieces encode my lived experiences into tangible form and may be aptly described as felt sense artifacts.

To support the artistic inquiry on the social construction of memory, these pieces were incorporated into a participatory piece, where the audience is invited to interact with the pieces and create their own narratives. A photograph of each participant’s assemblage is saved.

Works are shown with the participant's consent and where requested, credit has been ethically attributed to the anonymous participant.